Today we take a look at a statuesque beauty who's spent some time on the court on top of being courted by her many fans. Show some love for Chekesha Johnson.

She's 5'11" tall, used to play college basketball and runs her own modeling boot camp. Chekesha Johnson is one savvy woman who has a number of talents and has appeared in many different facets of the entertainment industry. She hails from Houston, Texas and proves that good things certainly do come from the Lone Star State.

If you don't know her from her modeling gigs, some of which include an ad campaign with Nike and several appearances in ad campaigns and magazines, then you might have seen her on NBC's reality TV show, Escape Routes. This show involved contestants trying to conquer extreme challenges while traveling across the country. She also appeared on Project Runway, just in case you've ever stopped to watch the show.

Being a model of her stature and beauty, it comes to no surprise that she's appeared in print publications such as Seventeen, Maxim, Essence, Glamour and VIBE. Again, she does a lot of ad and commercial work, so chances are you've seen her in an Axe Shampoo commercial or two. If that weren't enough, she's also starred in a few commercials in Japan. That's when you know you've hit the big time.

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