We're seeing a whole lot of Chrissy Teigen on social media these days, so why not keep on exploring what makes her so amazing?

There's little need to introduce Chrissy Teigen since most people know who she is, whether or not they actively follow what's going on in the entertainment industry. She's a very popular model who's made appearances in all kinds of media, ranging from print magazines to TV shows and is also known as being the wife of crooner John Legend.

She's been known to be very liberal with her choice of clothing when posting to social media, especially since she's a champion of the "free the nipple" movement. Because of this, you're likely to see both her and John in various states of undress on social media, with strategically-placed items laid around for use as tasteful censoring. We can definitely get behind her on this, since being in the nude is not only natural, but incredibly comfortable as well. Also, we don't mind being able to appreciate her gorgeous form.

We've rounded up a fair amount of the Norwegian/Thai beauty's sexiest photos from Instagram and laid them out in a gallery above for you to enjoy. Check them out and see why the "free the nipple" movement is a beautiful thing, meant to boost one's confidence and help us all be a little more forward thinking.

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