Who's fit, inked and burns up Instagram daily with her hotness? If you guessed Crystal Renay, then you'd be correct.

Crystal Renay Williams is a beauty that's a mix of Black, Spanish and Italian, making for a uniquely gorgeous woman with stunningly good looks. It doesn't seem to matter what she wears, whether it's a bikini, workout clothes or evening wear, because she just elevates everything with her attractive features, giving us curves so dangerous that we'd be liable to crash if we were driving.

It only makes sense that she calls California home, because this model helps the Golden State gleam just a little more. Just one look at her and we're instantly transported to the sandy beaches of the west coast, looking out over the Pacific and feeling at ease. And because of that, she's got a pretty serious beach body, attained through rigorous training. One doesn't become that scorchingly hot by sitting down at the computer and watching YouTube videos all day, so you better believe that she puts in work at the gym.

One look through her Instagram will show you her dedication to fitness (as well as how good she looks in active wear), whether she's going out for a run or sweating it out at the gym. We love a woman who can take care of her body.

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