If you don't know who model Daphne Joy is, then you're about to receive an education you desperately needed.

Daphne is a mix of Filipino and Puerto Rican, meaning she's an island beauty through and through. Being that she grew up in the Philippines until she was seven, it only makes sense that her favorite food consists of Filipino dishes. Nothing ties a person more to their culture than the food, right?

She moved to Los Angeles when she was seven years of age and spent her time adjusting to her new home and being actively engaged in extracurricular activities. Even back in high school, she was approached by casting agents who took notice of her uniquely exotic looks.

At the age of 18, Daphne started acting and appeared on shows like CSI: Las Vegas and MTV's Wild 'N Out. She would also go on to appear in many different print magazines and would eventually be romantically linked to rapper 50 Cent. Chances are that you've already come across her and were floored by her gorgeous looks, but never knew her name.

Most recently, you probably saw her as one of those hot mermaids in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. It kind of makes sense that those mermaids were maneaters, because Daphne Joy could probably tear through a bunch of men. Become a fan of this gorgeous woman by following her on Instagram and Twitter. You can also see more of her on her official website.