Her real first name might be Dauvinee, but we all know and love her as Dede Damati. And today, we're paying tribute to this beauty.

Dauvinee "Dede" Damati is a gorgeous girl of Jamaican, Puerto Rican and Spanish descent, put her on Earth to get us staring and slack-jawed. This petite wonder stands at 5'4" and boasts 34D-26-40 measurements, so you can bet that your eyes will probably shoot out of their sockets upon seeing her in person.

She's gone from modeling to becoming a wardrobe stylist, which allows her to use her knowledge and passion in another aspect of the industry. Although she's made a shift in her career, that doesn't mean she doesn't still do her thing in front of the camera. Just take a look at any of her social media accounts and you'll see the modeling shots keep steaming along, providing the world with more aesthetically pleasing images to view and behold.

On top of shoots and styling, Dede also does a bit of hosting at night clubs and events, lending her star power to draw in the crowds and help them have a good time as only she knows how to do. This is the kind of girl we'd want to party with every night of the week.

Become a fan of the one and only Dede Damati by following her on Instagram, Twitter and checking out her official website. If you don't want to turn up with her after checking them out, then maybe it's time to reevaluate things.