Don't mistake her name for "delicious," although that's exactly what Delicia Cordon looks like.

Delicia Cordon is a model and fashion designer who has also dipped her toes in the world of acting. You might know her from her appearances in music videos like the ones for "Give It Up" by Twista featuring Pharrell or even "Stunnas" by Jagged Edge. If so, then you probably already mistook her name to be "delicious," since her curves are enough to whet any man's appetite and get him hungry for more.

This gorgeous woman has also appeared in a films during the late Aughts, proving that she can take on a lot of different roles. You might have seen her in the movies Days of Wrath, Ladies Night Out and ATA Model Splash. So just to brush up for a moment, she can model and act and look completely amazing while doing so.

Delicia Cordon also happens to be an entrepreneur, having launched her own clothing line called De Cordon Boutique in 2011. This line of clothing offers body suits and sheer dresses which are perfect for women wanting to stand out in the clubs and look just as amazing as Delicia does. She's doing the world a service by putting women in her sexy clothes.

Become a fan of Delicia's by checking out her Instagram and Twitter profiles. And if you want to get a sexy outfit for the lady in your life, check out her shop here.

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