You may think you've seen voluptuous women, but you don't know the meaning of the world "curvy" until you've seen Dominique Chinn.

Dominique Chinn is unique in the modeling world because she also worn two other hats. One of them, acting, goes hand in hand with modeling and is usually expected of many models. The other one, however, is being a real estate agent. So she can sell you a house and look drop dead goregous while doing it. Not really a common occurrence when it comes to models we love to appreciate with our eyes, but it's certainly a welcome novelty. You can't help but love and respect a woman who can take care of business in more than one way.

This fine beauty hails from Houston, Texas and is of African American and Native American descent. We can thank her ancestors for passing down the traits for curvaceous bodies, because she rocks measurements of 36D-25-41, which are enough to get our jaws dropping toward the floor whenever we see her.

There's just so much to behold when looking at Dominique Chinn; we're not just talking about her looks either. Whether it's the fact that she's juggled modeling, acting, being a real estate agent and even co-owning a gentleman's club, Dominique is a woman who knows how to keep the ball rolling.

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