Show some love for the sensational Elissa Alva and some of her hottest pictures.

Miss Alva is a model who hails from the Sacramento, California area who's always been around a wide mix of cultures and ethnicities. She herself is of Chinese and Mexican descent, making her a multicultural bombshell of epic proportions. As you can probably tell from her photos, she always seems to look her best and absolutely loves the camera. And we get the feeling that the camera loves her a lot too. She also happens to be the mother to a little boy, so she's a veritable MIL -- to get to know a lot better, if you know what we mean.

She champions freethinking, creativity, curiosity, open mindedness and is the embodiment of the phrase "variety is the spice of life." She definitely brings the spice, given the sultry nature of her photo shoots and how they all give off a certain sense of sexiness, no matter what she's wearing or how she's posing. Some women are just blessed with an inherent sexiness that shines through now matter what the situation, so it only makes sense that Elissa would be one of these kinds of ladies.

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