Bow down and turn your attentions to the one and only Empress Ivory, a model who'll keep you staring at her for days.

Empress Ivory comes to us from Hartford, Connecticut and is of Polish, Irish and Jamaican descent. She measures in at a fetching 34-26-40 and stands at 5'5", giving off a very attractive image while enchanting us with her very understated, seductive stares.

As a model, she's made appearances in several outlets, which ensures that the masses will be exposed to her beauty and naturally crave more of her. Just to name a few, she's been featured by outlets like Straight Stuntin, Dynasty Series, So Be It Magazine, Pressure Magazine and more.

With all of the exposure, it would only make sense that Empress Ivory could boast over 35,000 followers on Instagram alone. And who could blame her fans, especially because most of the photos she posts are of such seductive poses and more come-hither stares than you can count. It also helps that she posts plenty of pictures of herself with her equally attractive friends. So, at that point, you're being treated to an eye candy overload, which is never a bad thing.

This girl deserved more of your love and the only way for you to give it on a daily basis is by becoming a fan of hers on social media and interacting with her, be it through simple "likes" or comments. You can follow her through Instagram or her Twitter. You'll see more of her pictures and find out if she'll be making any appearances near you.