We're ending the week with a dancer extraordinaire who's made her mark in clubs up and down the east coast. Here's the incredibly talented Gigi Maguire.

She's had huge roles in putting establishments like Atlanta's Magic City Night Club and Philly's Vanity Grand Cabaret on the map and making sure they have reputations as some of the finest night clubs around with the most talented women. As a dancer herself, taking dance lessons since she was the age of three, Gigi possesses the skill and drive necessary to make it in the night club life.

Her establishments would see the patronage of big names in the entertainment industry like Meagan Good, Diddy, Kanye West and even huge sports legends like the one and only Michael Jordan. And believe us when we say that the night club life is like no other, given the constant stream of celebrities and customers with very generous dispositions and fat wallets. According to Gigi, even the bartenders would be able to make as much money as the girls dancing out on the floor, capable of getting a thousand dollar tip from just one customer. Maybe it's time for us to start moonlighting at bartenders at high end night clubs.

She's currently the Director of Entertainment at Vanity Grand Cabaret in Philadelphia and also teaches Pole Fitness. We like that she's keeping a grand tradition going and also helping our ladies get fit in a novel way. So it would behoove you to show her some love and become a fan of hers on Instagram and Twitter.