We're feeling a little dazed because we can't stop looking at the beauty known as India Love.

India Westbrooks is one of the biggest juggernauts on the Internet, having gained fame through social media websites like Tumblr, Vine, Instagram, Twitter and more. Time and time again, she would amass hundreds of thousands of fans on these sites, just to be hacked and have to start all over again. But, as time has proven, that was no big deal for India, because she would gain all those fans again upon making new accounts. If that's not star power, then we don't know what is.

India is a California native and is only 19 years of age, but she's already blown up into one of the most famous faces all around. She's a mix of Black, Asian, Creole, Indian and Mexican, making for a very unique look and a gorgeous model. Take a look at her and you'll agree that it's mindblowing just how incredibly attractive she is, standing at only 5'3" but rocking a body with curves that complement anything she wears.

Since becoming an Internet sensation, she's gone on to do some actual modeling. This comes as no surprise, since everyone seems to want a piece of this gorgeous girl.

Do yourself a favor and become a fan of India's by following her on Instagram and Twitter. Take a look at more of her pictures and try very hard not to fall in love with the young beauty. Or not. We're not the boss of you.