She's probably the most perfect mix of cute and sexy you'll find. Here's model and YouTube star, Jadah Doll.

It's no surprise that she has "doll" in her name because Jadah looks like she could have come off a store shelf, complete with her own dreamhouse playset. This gorgeous young woman is, according to her, "Black and white like a penguin!" and is a devoted Christian. She was discovered not too long ago after her friends created an Instagram account for her against her will and then she started blowing up, gaining popularity on the app and through other social media outlets like YouTube and Twitter. In fact, she's somewhat of a YouTube star, uploading videos that get viewed by thousands of people online.

While her modeling is a great way to spread the word about her and to get her image out there, her YouTube work is a huge boon too. She uploads makeup tutorials and a wide variety of videos that have her showing people how to become a model, playing "The Cup Song" and even just touring around her room or apartment. In all of her videos, she's bubbly, cute and full of life. We love seeing a girl with this kind of enthusiasm for everything she does. Become a fan of hers by following her on Instagram and Twitter, where you can find more of her sexy pictures and get more insight into her mind. Don't forget to subscribe to her on YouTube as well.