The gorgeousness of Janet Lissette can't be contained in just a few photos, but we're going to try anyway. Get ready to fell in love with this Puerto Rican beauty.

She stands at 5'6" with measurements of 32-28-38, giving her a ratio that sends our hearts thumping into a stupor. Because of her good looks and incredible figure, she's no stranger to the camera and has been photographed all kinds of ways, whether it's in a silky set of lingerie or emerging from a pool in a tight, mercifully-revealing bikini.

Her beauty, amazing figure and talented modeling have garnered her tons of fans. If you're lucky enough to be one of her followers, then you're treated to an almost-daily present in the form of sexy pictures from Janet herself, usually in some sort of provocative outfit that injects a measure of sensuality to your day that is definitely a welcome distraction.

Taking a trip to her official blog will reveal a host of photo galleries that are sure to keep you busy for a good while. She exudes a sense of sexuality with every pose that she assumes, and she probably doesn't even mean to do so. We suppose that's just what happens when you're that attractive.

Become a fan of hers by check out her Instagram, Twitter and official website. It will probably be the best decision you make all day. Not only will you be kept updated on her modeling gigs, but you'll get a whole lot of eye candy as well.