We're ending the week on a high note by taking a look at Jasmin Cadavid and some of her sexiest pictures.

If you're fortunate enough to have come across such a rare and incredible woman such as Jasmin Cadavid, along with her equally rare and incredible body, then other guys should envy you. This stunning model and video vixen packs a whole lot of sexiness and allure into a small package, but it's always been said that great things can come in small packages. Jasmin is a petite powerhouse, standing at 5'1" but with measurements of 34C-25-36, meaning that she's small but has eye-popping curves in all of the right places. It wouldn't be too hard to imagine your eyes being glued to her form and following the contours of her body, should you ever be in her presence.

As if we needed another reason to thank Florida, Jasmin Cadavid was born and raised in Miami. Her mother is Guatemalan, her father is Colombian and her grandmother was a Filipina. This mix of ancestries is definitely an interesting one and has given us this fine beauty.

Along with modeling and being a video vixen who's starred in music videos with Pitbull, Cam'ron and Birdman, Jasmin was also an extra in the Michael Bay film, Pain & Gain. It shouldn't be too hard to spot her, since she'd be the most gorgeous woman in the scene.

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