Whether you want to call her Jazzy, Jasi or her real name, Jasmine Adams, there's no denying this bikini model is as fit as they come.

Being that she's a bikini model, this statuesque beauty stands at 5'8" and boasts incredible measurements of 34DD-22-37. Given those stats, it wouldn't be too hard to imagine her turning all kinds of heads when walking around a beach, making it hotter than the sun could ever dare try.

She's a Southern girl with Native American ancestry in her blood, which accounts for her unique looks. Jasmine Adams is also an SNBF (Supernatural BodyBuilding and Fitness), pro, meaning that she competes with her amazing bikini body. How did she get such a figure? Hard work and time put in at the gym and training with professionals who can get her in the best shape. If you take a look at some of the videos on her Instagram, you'll see her taking part in some unconventional exercises, like doing squats while pushing up on someone else's legs so they can do a handstand at a wall. It looks strange, but we can't really argue with results, now can we?

So, needless to say, you need to become a fan of this amazing paragon of fitness and beauty. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter to see more of her pics, get inspired to be more active and just to see what she's up to in her day-to-day life.