We're taking time out of our busy schedules to check out Jennifer Jayleen Martinez, an amazingly cute young model, singer and actress.

There's probably not many among you who know who the gorgeous Jennifer Jayleen is, but we're aiming to change that right now. She's a young model and actress who also happens to sing. How's that for rounding out one's activities? She's got a very youthful quality about her that's very engaging and she seems like she'd be a blast to hang out with, making you feel more energetic and open to the simpler pleasures in life. After all, it's hard to resist a pretty young thing who can use her voice to soothe you for whatever mood you're in.

But don't let her youthful exuberance fool you, because she can turn on the seductive charms just like that and get you hot under the collar. Whether it's with her songs or just a simple come-hither stare, Jennifer Jayleen is fully equipped to bring down even the hardest of individuals. You don't believe us? All you have to do is listen to one of her tracks on Soundcloud and you'll be convinced. Her track "Hustle" is good R&B song to loop, so give it a listen when you're trying to wind down and relax for the day.

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