Who's talented, beautiful and has curves that could drive a man crazy? Here's Jess Molli and some of her hottest photos.

Jess Molli is a rapper/singer from Orlando, Florida who is of Nicaraguan and Caucasian descent, blessed with blue eyes that could almost pierce your soul. She's got an amazing body that could stop traffic, with glorious proportions of 39-28-40. She stands at 5'4", making her a veritable petite bombshell with those measurements. To complement her incredible curves, she's got a very seductive look about her. Those eyes of hers, while a cool blue, seem to smolder with sensuality and are capable of setting one's passions ablaze. It's easy to say that she's fine and curvaceous in all of the right places, but it's that added aura of sexuality that adds to her sensual nature. We can definitely dig it.

On top of her modeling, she's also a rapper and a singer. We appreciate a woman who can wear many hats and still look so good while doing so. That kind of ambition, talent and beauty just makes an already-gorgeous woman just that much more alluring, given the fact that she's chasing after her passions.

And it might give all of you guys out there some confidence to learn that she's an equal opportunity dater; when asked if she likes nerdy, muscly or regular guys, she said, "I like 'em all. I go through my phases but don't have a preference. A little of everything... I'm greedy." In this case, greed is good.

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