Bow down to the one and only Twerk Queen. Let's take a look at the incredibly sexy Jhonni Blaze. Just be careful that her photos don't set fire to your device.

The Love & Hip-Hop star packs a whole lot of talent in one tight package, giving us more to admire other than her aesthetically-pleasant good looks. The title "Twerk Queen" hasn't been given to her lightly, because she can twerk with the best of them and hypnotize men with her movements. Being skilled in such seductive dancing gives her an edge over most other females when it comes to getting guys to fall for her.

Besides her dance skills, Jhonni is also an incredible musician. She's one of those rare talents who dabbles in many different aspects of music, whether it's delving into many different genres or being proficient in instruments like the piano, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, violin, clarinet and drums. She even auditioned for Julliard and performed at the legendary Apollo Theatre. There's no denying the Jhonni Blaze is an incredibly talented individual.

But chances are that you know her from being a model and video vixen, given that she's appeared on the pages of publications like KING, XXL, Stunnaz, Straight Stuntin and more, as well as videos such as "Spend It All" by Chris Brown. Whatever your exposure to her, you have to love a woman so talented and tenacious. Become a fan of hers by following her on Instagram or Twitter and keep updated on her moves in the industry.