Every once in a while we have to stop and appreciate a woman whose curves send us reeling and give our eyes some exercise. Here's model Joanna Shari.

Joanna is a Jersey Girl and hails from the Newark area, near New York City. Just one look at Joanna and it's clear to see that she's proud of her body and all of the beautiful curves that come with it. The sight of her in lingerie, swimwear or pretty much anything else is enough to get any man thirsty for more. But capping off that gorgeous body is also a brilliant and talented mind. Joanna maintained a 4.0 grade-point average while attending the Chubb Institute of Parsippany, New Jersey for a diploma in Multimedia Design. One can see how her studies would assist in her endeavors in the modeling world.

It also makes sense that her hobbies would include graphic design and working out at the gym. The results of both are evident in her pictures, which highlight her strengths on top of giving us something beautiful to view. She's a self-proclaimed homebody, which means that she's totally fine staying in and watching a movie instead of turning up at the club. That's certainly something we can appreciate and we're sure that any man would rather spend some quality time with her instead of dropping money for drinks and getting lost in the haze of a club.

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