Here's a gorgeous woman from the Great White North who we can't seem to tear our eyes from, which isn't a bad thing. Check out Jocelyn Chew.

She's obviously a very beautiful girl, so she'd be famous by her looks alone, but her greatest claim to fame is having appeared on the reality TV show, The Face. The show followed three supermodels as they tried to find the new "face" of ULTA. As it so happened, the gorgeous Canadian auditioned for the show and won a spot as a competitor.

Jocelyn Chew is half Chinese and half Icelandic, which is where her multicultural upbringing starts. Besides having a unique background, she's also spent a lot of time living abroad and traveling, having lived in places like Singapore, Hong Kong, Greece and more. Now she resides in the United States, splitting time between New York City and Los Angeles, so we're grateful to know that we can count her as one of our own, especially since we can't get enough of seeing her beautiful face and lithe figure.

In the gallery above, we've rounded up some of her most alluring photos. You'll have the urge to thank our neighbors to the north in Canada for giving us such a treasure.

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