Define "multi-talented." If you answered "Just Brittany," the actress, model and entrepreneur, then you'd be correct.

Just Brittany is a recording artist who first debuted in 2009 with a single called "Call Me for That Good", a song that got her signed to Cash Money. Since then, Just Brittany has been releasing like her EP in February 2011, Not Just a Pretty Face and mixtapes that further show her prowess in the music industry. And while her EP was called Not Just a Pretty Face, she proves that her face is indeed pretty by modeling. You don't have to stretch your imagination to figure that she'd be right at home posing in front of the camera.

A native of Houston, Texas, Just Brittany is no stranger to big things, so it only makes sense that she acclimated well to becoming a popular recording artist and gaining so many fans. Not only does she record and model, but she also partakes in meet-and-greet events to get in touch with her audience and build a rapport with them, something that's crucial to being such a famed public figure.

If, for some reason, you haven't become a fan of Just Brittany's yet, you can check out her music through her YouTube channel. Then you can follow her on Instagram and Twitter to keep updated on what she's doing in the industry and maybe even come out and see her for a meet-and-greet event somewhere near you.