She's called Special Kay and for good reason. Let's take a look at the lovely and talented model, Karla Laureen.

There's not a wealth of information out there about the young Miss Karla Laureen, but suffice it to say that she's one of the most delectable pieces of eye candy we've come across on the Internet. She's a dancer, model and actress who stands at 5'8" and rocks measurements of 34C-26-36. She's got a very svelte look, but don't let her lithe form and height fool you, since she's got plenty of curves that'll have your eyes traversing their landscapes for days.

As a model who can act and dance, she specializes in print, commercial, runway, promotional, swimwear and lingerie modeling. She can also do television, music videos and movies. We hope to see a lot more of her in motion, since she's got a body that was made to be active, although she's still very irresistible in static images.

You can always seem to find her in some form of swimwear or some outfit that lets her cool off from the heat. She can also be found at festivals and other such events, participating in the fun and letting the vibe flow through her. All of her photos seem to exude this quiet aura of sexual power, as if she knows she's one of the finest girls on the Internet but wants you to tell her so. We'd definitely oblige, if that were the case. Become a fan of hers on Instagram and Twitter to see even more of Karla!