There's just something irresistible about those girls from Miami. Here's model and personal trainer, Katya Elise Henry.

The young fitness model hails from Miami, Florida, where plenty of attractive young women seem to make their home. There must be something in the water or maybe something in the way the sun's rays hit that city, but there's no denying that some of the finest women on earth call Magic City home. Katya Elise Henry might have many names, but that definitely sets her apart from all of the other models around the area. Not only that, but she's a fitness model on top of everything else, showing off the fruits of her labor in anything from booty shorts to bikinis. You can tell she takes good care of her body, not just because it's her brand, but because she believes in living a health-conscious lifestyle and spreading awareness for that kind of living.

To that end, she's also a personal trainer. Yes, that means she could help ladies everywhere look as good as she does and maybe even help you get that swole body you were looking to attain. With her kind of zeal for life, her incredible physique and her enthusiasm for fitness, it's no wonder that she's drawn in 1.5 million followers on Instagram alone.

You can become one of her fans too, just by following her on Instagram and Twitter. You'll see updates from her life as a fitness model and trainer, as well as see more of her hot pictures.

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