Give the start of your workweek a little boost with the sight of the lovely Kayla Phillips and her hottest Instagram photos.

Kayla Phillips is a model who became famous by posting to Instagram and Vine. There's something beautiful about a young model reaching a huge audience by using non-traditional means. In this case, Kayla used social media to her advantage, as well as short-form videos, to keep fans coming back to see what the beautiful girl would post next. It's no surprise then that she's amassed as big a following as she did without using the "proper" channels. She's attracted all kinds of attention and for good reason, given that she's very active on social media and has even garnered a little over 700,000 followers on Instagram alone with her posts, as of this writing.

One look at all of her pictures and you'll be convinced that she never takes a bad photo and is somehow always flawless. This is quite a gift to have and we're sure that we'll never catch her at a time when she looks like anything less than absolutely perfect. We're definitely big fans of the way she posts about even the most mundane aspects of her life, but they still seem so much more impressive because of her.

You can become a fan of hers too by checking her out on Instagram and Twitter. You'll see more of her excellent pictures and be kept updated on what she's doing. You're going to want to keep up with her, believe us.