She's what the British would call "fit," meaning incredibly attractive. That makes all the sense in the world, considering model Krista Ayne is also a health coach.

Krista Ayne is a multi-talented individual who deserves acclaim on many fronts. Not only is this New York native a model, but she's also an actress and a health coach. So she looks good doing what she does, but she also wants to make sure all of us will look and feel good too. That's something we can appreciate on every level.

Her life as a model started very early at the age of nine, when she started appearing in ads for companies like Verizon, Azzure Denim and Paco Jeans. Fast forward a little in her timeline and you'd probably recognize her from her appearances in films like Kettle of Fish, Rockaway and The Bleeding, which starred DMX. You might also be more familiar with her as a Penthouse Pet of the Month and her appearance in Playboy. Or, if you have cable, perhaps you've seen her on the softcore Cinemax series, Life on Top, being expertly filmed using a variety of angles while she engages in some steamy scenes. Whatever your exposure to this woman. it's hard to deny her beauty.

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