She's almost impossibly hot and more fit than you could probably hope to be in your lifetime. Let's turn our attentions to fitness model Lais De Leon.

Lais De Leon comes to us from Sao Paolo, Brazil, which means we should add her to the list of things from Brazil that we are truly enjoy, like Rio De Janeiro, the Brazilian and various steak houses. She's truly a jet setter, having lived in Milan, Italy for four years during the Aughts and now making her home in the United States as a fitness model.

Her measurements are 32C-23-34, giving her proportions that are pretty out of this world and only help to further her cause of getting everyone fit. Because of her physical prowess and attractiveness, she acts as a model for everyone wanting to get into better shape to follow. Lais not only looks good, but she actively works to help people further their physical fitness and reach their goals, even if it's just posting encouraging statements on social media.

In an Instagram post, she said, "Everyone has their own goals and lifestyle limitations. I try not to ever be too far from "bikini-ready" but I'm human. This is my lifestyle, I enjoy eating healthy and working out. But I'm a real person and I reeeeally enjoy eating good food and relaxing too! I've realized, you can have both! You just have to stay consistent, train hard, and not deprive yourself completely or you'll go crazy!"

We can definitely agree with her sentiments. Become a fan of hers by following her on Instagram and Twitter. You'll see fitness tips as well as her pictures, all of which are sure to motivate you.

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