She's a Panamanian beauty who's used to displaying items for all to see, but we're showcasing her today. Take a look at Lanisha Cole.

She's a video vixen who might also be more famously known as one of the fetchingly gorgeous models on the popular game show, The Price is Right. Chances are that you've seen her presenting some of the items up for bid, the prizes contestants can win and introducing the games they have to play. Looking at her, it's not that hard to see her gesturing towards a car while the announcer says, "... a brand new car!"

And The Price is Right isn't her only game show gig. She also stood as a model for the NBC game show, Deal or No Deal, in which she held case 15. If you ask us, any situation involving her is a big deal. Besides winning hearts on game shows, Lanisha Cole has also appeared in a few music videos. You might have recognized her as the girls in videos for songs like "Don't Talk" by Jon B, "Break You Off" by The Roots and "Maybe" by N*E*R*D, among many others. Or if you're more of a movie-going person, you'll likely have noticed her as the sexy bartender from 2004's Soul Plane. The point is, Lanisha Cole can be found everywhere, and that's a beautiful thing.

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