Glamour model Latifa Drinks is probably the reason why the band Van Halen dedicated a song to Panama (even if it was the name of David Lee Roth's car).

This Panamanian beauty is one of the gifts from the Midwest, hailing from the city of Cincinnati, Ohio. She's one of those rare individuals who dreams of something when they're young and then actually makes it happen later on in life. It's good to see that Latifa's achieved her goal of becoming a model and that she's nowhere near done when it comes to taking the modeling industry by storm.

Aside from her "bootyful" good lucks, Latifa's also got a pretty beautiful brain, having studied Early Childhood Education at Central State University. This means that she's drop-dead gorgeous and has the skills needed to shape and mold young minds. This is the kind of girl you need to lock down with a diamond ring as soon as possible, gentlemen.

You can find her glorious form gracing the pages of both print and digital media, having appeared in features for magazines like Vixens Magazine, Elm Magazine and Hood Illustrated. On the digital side of things, she's been featured as XXL Magazine Eye Candy of the Week on We have a feeling that we've barely scratched the surface when it comes to her.

Become a fan of the lovely Latifa Drinks on Instagram and her own personal website. You'll be glad you did.