We've already seen the kind of hotness that Niykee Heaton brings to the table, but did you know that Lauren Pisciotta, her manager, is just as fine?

We can't think of an artist/manager combination in recent memory that comes close to the sexiness that the duo brings. Ever since Niykee started blowing up with her acoustic covers of hip-hop songs, she's been needing a manager. Who better than her best friend to step up and take over artist management duties? On top of managing Niykee, Lauren also joins her client in engaging in the time-honored tradition of laying thirst traps down on social media. These two beautiful women's Instagram accounts are full of photos of the both of them in various states of undress, or in an otherwise seductive pose, usually sweaty or wearing the tightest clothing known to man.

She's the perfect manager to complement the incredible sexual energy that Niykee gives off, since she's just as incredibly attractive and knows how to show off her assets. Her thigh gaps, those curves and her increasingly sexy poses just drive us absolutely crazy. And the best part is that they're almost always together, so the hotness factor is just multiplied.

If you're not a fan of hers yet, you can follow Lauren Pisciotta on Instagram and Twitter. There you'll see what she's up to in the industry and be treated to more of her alluring photos, usually featuring the lovely Niykee Heaton as well. That's what we call a twofer.