Spring might be over, but we're still spotting bunnies along the way. Let's take a look at Playboy Playmate Leola Bell.

Her name kind of rolls off your tongue and sounds a little poetic when you say it. One of her biggest claims to fame is the fact that she was Playmate of the Month, rocking it as Miss February 2012. And with measurements of 35D-23-36, it's no surprise that she held that honor. What is a little surprising, and perhaps a little more tantalizing, is the fact that this petite bombshell is the daughter of a preacher. She's the type of girl that inspires many songs.

Before she became a model and a Playmate, Leola held different jobs where her beauty was stifled. She worked as a waitress and then for Marriott. And, while she thinks that her eyes are her best features, her ample breasts always seem to take away all of their attention. We're willing to bet that many men were slow to give her their food orders when she waited on them. We know we'd certainly bumble over a word or two in her presence.

When she was asked about what she wanted in a man, she cited three things that would win her heart: laughter, respect and good sex. You know what? We agree with all three.

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