Are your eyes weary from the work week? Well, rejuvenate them with the sight of Lira Galore's hottest Instagram photos.

You might know of Lira Galore from her being romantically-linked to Drake and then subsequently becoming a social media phenomenon. As of this writing, she's got almost two million followers on Instagram alone. Not bad for an aspiring actress and model, right? Of course, being name-dropped with figures like Drake isn't a bad thing either.

She's an incredibly sexy individual with a fine body that could cause the heart to pump blood just a little bit faster and a little bit harder. Lira Galore's also got curves for days, capable of inducing all kinds of thirst in all of the men who come across her, whether in real life or online. On top of her modeling and acting, she also appears at clubs as a host. For example, in Aug. 2015, she appeared with the gorgeous Tori Hughes in order to host a Suit & Tie Affair at the Crystal Tea Ballroom in Philadelphia. When she's not charming everyone with her presence, she enjoys a little R&R, laying out poolside or at the beach and getting all the guys to look her way for just a glimpse of her curvaceous beauty.

If you're not yet a fan of hers, head on over to her Instagram and Twitter pages and become a follower. She's got plenty of hot pictures for you to peruse and you can keep yourself updated on what she's doing.