We're ending out the week with a little fitness inspiration to get you through the weekend. Set your eyes on Mariza Villarreal, a bikini babe and fitness model from Texas.

Mariza Villarreal has a name that's fun to say and a body that's even more fun to look upon. This health-conscious wonder began her modeling and fitness career in 2002, posing as a fitness model for Muscular Development. From that point on, she would featured on the covers of many other magazines. She took a hiatus from the health and fitness world for a little while because of personal reasons. In 2013, she came back to the scene with the goal of trying to become an IFFB Pro, meaning that she'd be competing as a body builder.

She officially started competing in March 2014 at the Muscle Contest in Culver City, CA. Mariza would then go on to compete in several other contests, even placing in the top five for one that took place in Sacramento, CA. However you slice it, Mariza Villarreal is one amazing woman who knows how to get a handle on her dreams and pursue them without fail. We love beautiful women who are focused, driven and do whatever it takes to meet their goals and accomplish whatever they set out to do. So, in that regard, Mariza is definitely one of the strongest women out there. Become a fan of hers and follow her fitness progress on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.