Get a load of Mika Sha', a model who knows what it means to work hard and look damn good doing so.

Mika, also known as Tamika Staton, is one of the hardest working models around. This St. Louis native is no stranger to having to fight for what she wants and how real the struggle can get, especially growing up as the last of four children. She's hard-working and intelligent, having studied Marketing in graduate school and having earned a BA in Corporate Communications. She's learned how to balance her professional endeavors with motherhood, which is something we can definitely respect.

Her big break came when she got the opportunity to be on the cover of Straight Stuntin Magazine. She was hesitant to start modeling at first, but thanks to the photographer of her first shoot making her feel at ease, she went through with the experience and the rest is history. Since then, she's appeared in several publications and music videos.

Not only is she a fetchingly gorgeous model, but she's also a business woman. Mika Sha' owns Shay Curves, an online boutique that sells everything from jackets, dresses, jumpsuits, waist trainers and other pieces of clothing that help accentuate a woman's delicate curves and helps her silhouette pop. She's doing a beautiful thing here.

Follow the delightful Mika Sha' on social media and become a fan of hers on Instagram, Twitter and her own official website. Check out her boutique if you want to find your lady something sexy to wear -- not that it won't be a present to you too.