You're probably not ready for the incredibly curvy beauty known as Paris Richards, but we're going to feature her anyway.

We're going to have to add Paris Richards to the list of amazing gifts that we've received from Canada. Paris is a native of Toronto, Ontario, which is one of the greatest party cities in the world. Paris herself is a model with Hawaiian, Grenadian, Indian and Scottish ancestry, which probably accounts of her unique looks and her proportions that drive us absolutely insane. You may try to size her up at first glance, but you probably wouldn't be able to guess that this 5'5" beauty rocks measurements of 34DD-24-34.

As you can imagine, she has received a myriad of compliments on her looks, most notably her full, firm lips and ample 34DD bust. There's just no avoiding her curves when gazing at her. And it's a wonder that she maintains such a jaw-dropping figure, especially when you consider the fact that she likes to bake, with her favorite creations being cookies and cupcakes. We'd like to think that we'd be sweet enough for her, but not many people can resist the temptations of baked goods.

The thing to take away is that if you weren't a fan of hers before, you'll definitely be a fan now. Do yourself a favor and follow her on Instagram and Twitter to make your new fandom official and stay updated on her moves in the industry.