We're going to end the week with Patty Effin' Mayo, a model with a very unique style that we can't get enough of seeing.

Patty Mayo, aka Patty Effin' Mayo, is a model from Atlanta, Georgia who brings a very unique look and vibe to the table. Right off the bat, you know you're in for something different due to her name, which may or not be in honor of the Nickelodeon character Patti Mayonnaise, from the animated television show Doug. They seem to share the similarities of being quite animated and rocking some pretty unique hairstyles. Patty herself has sported a variety of looks, including long hair and short, with all kinds of colors to highlight her coifs. Our favorite look would have to be her long, green hair. This style makes her look like she came straight out of an anime like Dragon Ball Z.

Patty stands at 5'4" and has measurements of 34B-22-35. She's a petite girl but has a very big presence and could easily capture the attention of any man in her vicinity. And considering the amount of fans she has on social media, it's not very hard for her to garner followers. It only makes sense since she's the kind of individual that people gravitate towards because of their unique qualities or vibes.

You can become a fan of hers, too. All you have to do is follow her on Instagram and Twitter. You'll be able to keep up with her moves in the industry, see more of her amazing pictures and see her thoughts on certain things.