Were you aware that good things can come in very small packages? No? Then acquaint yourself with Rosalee Ochoa, who is a prime example of that statement.

Miss Rosalee Ochoa is a Salt Lake City, Utah native and has those of us on the east coast clamoring to head west just to see if they grow them all like that. She stands at a petite 5'2" and has proportions that can topple a man of any size and stature. With a body like that, coupled with a smile that can seemingly light up a room, it's not hard to imagine her having guys drooling at her feet wherever she goes.

This may not come as a surprise to anyone, but she's been modeling since she was 18 and has gone strong since then. Armed with her voluptuous body and other assets, she's taken part in all sorts of modeling gigs, including glamour, lingerie, bikini, urban, fitness and beauty.

She's taken her talents to Sin City, otherwise known as Las Vega, Nevada, which seems like the perfect place for her. The nightlife offers chances for her to do her thing as a host or a promotional model and there's no shortage on the demand for sexy young women like her.

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