You deserve a treat for getting this far into the week. Here's Ruby Sayed and some of her hottest pictures.

We guarantee that you've never seen a beauty quite like Ruby Sayed. She's something of an enigma, but we kind of like that in a girl. There's just something about the unknown and the mysterious qualities of a fine young woman that we find irresistible. We actually often find ourselves drawn to these kind of girls, because we just want to see what makes them tick, mainly so we can wind them up.

In case you've instantly become a fan of Ruby Sayed, you might be interested in knowing that she's got a Chatstar setup. What is "Chatstar?" It's a service that allows you to trade photos with, text or call a celebrity. In Ruby's case, she's available for all three. The site claims that she is 100% verified, but tread lightly anyway.

But we wouldn't blame you even if you did jump at the chance to communicate with a fine girl like her. Just taking in the sight of her luscious curves and raven-black hair is enough to get us wanting to vie for her attentions.

Become a fan of the lovely Ruby Sayed by checking her out on social media. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter to see more of her photos and to see where she'll be next, since she does engage in club appearances for hosting duties. You're definitely going to want to be present when she comes around.

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