Do you feel your pulse quickening and your heart starting to beat out of control? That's just the effect that Scarlet Reyn has on people.

Scarlet Reyn is one of the more unique models we've featured in that not only is she a bonafide sex bomb, but she also happens to be a nurse. This means that she'll give you a heart attack with her drop dead gorgeous looks and also treat you for it afterwards. You'll probably never see anyone else look so sexy and provocative wearing scrubs, at least not outside of an adult film set.

This Dominican beauty also happens to be a huge fitness buff, hitting the gym regularly to maintain her insanely fit and attractive figure. You don't get to look like her by eating 2AM pizzas and watching Netflix on the couch all day, that's for sure. Of course, that isn't to say that she doesn't enjoy the occasional cheat meal from time to time, which is good, because we like a girl who knows how to treat herself.

At the time of this writing, she's rocking 17,700 fans on Instagram alone. How many other nurses do you think can boast those kind of numbers? Be sure to become a fan yourself and follow her on Instagram and Twitter to see even more of her hottest pictures. And when it's Nurse Appreciation Week, be sure to show her how much you enjoy her work, both in scrubs and out.