They say a lot of good things come from the South, and Sheneka Adams is a prime example of that.

Sheneka Adams is a fine product from Athens, Georgia and reps the south better than most. She has a set of fine assets, with her butt getting the most attention, although she claims not to know why, since it's not that big. Combined with her talents, good looks and a 36D-24-40 figure, we can certainly see why she can command the attention of the boys (she once had a guy pay for all of her clothes in a store in an attempt to pick her up). and be successful in her modeling endeavors.

On top of the modeling and being an amazing specimen of womanhood, she's also a savvy businesswoman, and is behind the S. Adams Collection of hair products. Should your girl need some hair products, then look to her to take care of you.

Business matters aside, Sheneka is the kind of girl who enjoys the freedom of being bare and going commando, eating hot wings and can cook up a mean batch of something she calls "vola," which is a mixture of garlic chicken, corn and vegetables. She's sexy, she's business-minded and she can cook without the restraints of underwear? This is what we call a prize, gentlemen.

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