She comes from the Midwest and is of African America and Puerto Rican descent, giving her a very unique look as a model. Take a look at Ophilia Bledsoe.

This model from Indianapolis, Indiana has seen plenty of success appearing in print publications and music videos, getting her face and name out there. She studied fashion design, which is fitting, given her occupation and her passions.

You might have seen her print magazines like Show, Smooth Girl Magazine, Black Men and more. She's got a unique look about her that just sets off the imagination and makes one wonder what she'd be like on a night out on the town. One very distinct feature about her is her hair, which always seems to change but also gives off a sense of fun and adventure, no matter what the hue. She rocks a lot of ink on her body too, which is something that we can get behind. Her social media accounts might be called "Simply Ophilia," but we're confident that this girl is anything but simple.

You can become one of her many fans by following her on social media like Twitter and Instagram. Just be very careful, because she's been known to post thirst traps, and you're probably more than likely to fall for them. But we can't even say that that's a bad thing, given how alluring she looks in them. Just be sure to show her some love while you're being kept up-to-date on what she's doing in the industry.