Here's a look at some of the most titillating photos from model and all-around badass Stephanie Rao.

Stephanie Rao is a bonafide Dade County girl who was born and raised in Miami, Florida. She's of Puerto Rican and Italian descent and is a consummate professional when it comes to the world of modeling. It's cool to know that she will shoot just about everything, although nudes are off the table. Still, we like seeing a young woman who knows her value and wants to grow in different ways.

She's a very strong-willed young woman who's got the drive to accomplish just about anything she sets her mind to, as is evidenced by her increasingly fit body. As a nutrition athlete, she's always taking care of her physique and becoming the healthiest version of herself. It just so happens that the side effect of all of this fitness and health-conscious activity is becoming hot as all hell. Whether she's got on a bikini, wearing some imagination-boosting lingerie or even just workout gear, Stephanie Rao looks incredible. Her body is definitely a work of art that we can't stop staring at, which is a testament to her hard work and conditioning. It's no surprise that she's got about half a million followers on Instagram alone.

Become a fan of hers and follow her on her journey of self-improvement and check out more of her sexy photos while you're at it. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter to keep updated on what she's doing out there in the world.

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