Brazilian Bombshell Suelyn Medeiros is our focus for today. Find out just how amazing she is.

Suelyn Medeiros is a native of New York City, but has lived her life in and out of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She decided to settle down in the United States after deciding to become a doctor. During her time in the city, she was asked to participate in a fashion show and was scouted, thereby changing her fate. She's got measurements of 34C-23-36, which pretty much ensures that she'll catch any man's attention, especially when coupled with her beautiful face and penchant for wearing tight clothing, bikinis and nearly nothing at all.

On top of modeling, she's also been in several music videos, TV shows and films. You might have seen her in the music videos for tracks like "That's That" by Snoop Dogg, "I'm a Flirt" by R. Kelly, "Let It Go" by Keisha Cole and even "Humpde Bump" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. You might have also seen her in episodes of Law & Order and Love Monkey, as well as the films Scary Movie 5 and Dysfunctional Friends. Whatever your exposure to this Brazilian beauty, it's hard not to admit that she's caught your attention in several ways.

Become a fan of hers by following her on Instagram and Twitter. You can also check out her official website and buy her memoirs if you want to know more about this gorgeous, talented woman.

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