There are few women walking around on this earth who can boast the same kinds of delicious curves and talent that Tahiry Jose possesses. That's why we're showing her some love today.

If you're at all familiar with Tahiry, then you probably know her from her time on Love & Hip-Hop: New York. This Harlem native is pure New Yorker and has worn many hats since becoming famous. She's an actress, a reality TV star, model and an entrepreneur, having released lines of nail polish, jewelry and even some apparel.

One of her most noticeable assets is her fantastic backside, which is 100% real. She once said in an interview, "My ass is 100 percent natural. I feel like I have to walk around with my mother's picture and show people that people are born with asses like this."

While we're definitely fans of her attractive features and amazing, physical attributes, there's no denying that she's also got a sass and tenacity that we love in a woman. Here's a girl who knows what she wants and does what she can to get it. So there's really no surprise that she's accomplished a lot of her goals.

If you'd like to become a fan of the amazing Tahiry Jose and follow her work, you can do so via her Instagram and Twitter accounts. You'll be kept up to date on her appearances at different clubs and see all of her new pictures