The Midwest region of the United States has given us many great things, but the best might just be model Tisha Marie.

Tisha comes to us from Oklahoma, where she put her big brains into overdrive, worked hard and earned her Bachelors and Masters degrees in Art and Human Relations. She took what she knew and wrote a self-help book titled Live Self-Sufficiently: This is a Twelve-Step Guide to Living Self-Sufficient with Lessons on Personal Growth, Self-Love, Health and Wellness. It's a long title, sure, but we're positive she has nothing but great lessons in it.

When she's not pumping out books to help the masses and their minds, Tisha Marie is a model and fitness buff, making sure the masses keep their bodies in good shape as well. Tisha seems to be nothing but altruistic, considering the fact that she does nothing but want to help people. But when she wasn't being a completely amazing human being, she also hit the gridiron as a member of the Lingerie Football League's Dallas Desire. If you're not familiar with the LFL, then you're in for a treat, since it features football teams full of women who play the game all padded up, but in full lingerie. These ladies are tough, athletic and gorgeous.

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