She calls herself the Dominican Barbie, and it's not hard to see why. Here's model extraordinaire, Yaris Sanchez.

Yarisenia Sanchez comes to us from the Dominican Republic, but was raised in Santa Monica, making her a bonafide Cali girl. You know her as a model and video vixen, but she's also started selling clothing, making her both beautiful and entrepreneurial. She's the kind of business-minded beauty we love to see and hear about, so we have nothing but the utmost respect for Yaris and her ventures.

Because she's a model, dancer and actress, we're sure that we're not even close to seeing the last of Miss Yaris Sanchez. A woman this talented and this attractive stays on the radar for years and years, so there's no worry that she'll fall into obscurity. A peek at her social media profiles reveals that she's a busy girl who's very much into her audience and likes to connect with them and stay active. Of course, she can say some pretty risque things on Twitter, but that kind of thing is fine by us. In fact, it probably adds to her appeal a bit more. But she also makes us smile when she says something like, "wish each and everyone of you freedom from self guilt, and freedom of self expression. Love."

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