The word, moisture, has been very symbolic for DJ Whoo Kid. The popular DJ and Sirius XM radio personality is known for sharing his crazy nightlife escapades on Instagram and over the airwaves. From tales of beautiful women he encounters at the clubs across the world to the ladies who show at his shows, Whoo Kid brings the moisturizers everywhere he goes.

Those that listen to Whoo Kid’s Sirius XM show, or follow him on social media, are familiar with the term “moisture,” which Whoo Kid uses to name all of his lady friends. From his moisture mob to his moisture mixtapes, DJ Whoo Kid has become a popular figure among the hot ladies of the U.S. But one thing his followers are having fun liking on IG, is the creative Moisture Pyramid, which entails several women to stand on one another with their butts in the air as they build a sexy ass pyramid.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Moisture Pyramids, here’s a 15 reasons why you need to follow Whoo Kid and his Moisture Pyramids.

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