Here are a few examples of poetry in motion. Take a look at 15 Vines of Non-Stop Twerking.

Twerking is an art-form that takes some of the best assets a female can have and mixes it with an alluring performance that gets men excited and paying attention. A woman can say a lot without using any words by the way she twerks, giving us a sense of her rhythm, her flexibility and her overall sensual nature. A little booty-popping here and there can be a display of sexuality, sure, but more than that, it shows us that a woman is confident enough in her body and in her own sense of self that she's willing to put herself out there with a very aggressive and overtly sensual performance. And we can definitely appreciate that kind of forward thinking.

Take a look at the video above and try not to get too hypnotized as you view the footage.

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