It must be something in the water overpriced champagne. It's been a rough year for black celebrities. These days, superstars are catching more cases than a baggage handler at LAX. It used to be that you could rely on the same names to make headlines. Someone got their ass kicked? It was probably Mike Tyson. Drug arrest? Has Bobby Brown written all over it. Your daughter got peed on? Where was R. Kelly last Thursday night?

Nowadays, you never know whose name is going to be in the news. This rash of celebrity arrests is no longer suprising, because 2007 has been officially proclaimed "The Year of the Snitch." Just look at the headlines: Mike Vick's childhood friends dimed him out. O.J. Simpson's co-defendants are steadily doing the same, almost assuring that White America will get what it's wanted since 1995, which is to see O.J.'s big 80-pound head-having ass spend the rest of his days in a jail cell. Now you can add T.I.'s bodyguard to that list.

There is no loyalty left. I have some advice for all my new-money celebrities who are now in the public eye: STOP F*CKING UP! You have money now! You're legit! No need to keep on doing illegal sh*t!

Now, if you're a new money celebrity and you just can't leave that illegal sh*t alone, here's another word of advice: DON'T INVOLVE ANYONE ELSE! No one can be trusted when you're paid and they're not!

"Your moms'll set that ass up, properly gassed up" - Notorious B.I.G.

It doesn't matter if it's family, friends you've known since grade school, or the mother of your kids...A snake is a snake. When the proverbial sh*t hits the fan, all people are concerned about nowadays is covering their own asses.

"I'm here to tell n*ggas it ain't all swell, it's heaven then its hell n*ggas. One day you're cruisin in your seven, next day your sweatin forgettin your lies. Alibis ain't matchin' up, bullsh*t catchin' up. Hit with the RICO they repo'd your vehicle. Everything was all good just a week ago. Bout to start b*tchin' ain't you? Ready to start snitchin' ain't you? I forgive your weak ass. Hustlin' just ain't you." - Jay Z

You see I had to throw some well-placed lyrics in there to keep y'all's attention. I know you came to this site to look at ass. The entry is almost over, so you can get back to checking out Angel and the rest of the beautiful women on

In closing, I am going to take this back to 1994 and salute a real n*gga and true friend, O.J.'s old teammate, Al Cowlings. O.J. came to Al in a tight squeeze, and Al said "F*ck it. I'm down to ride!" That, my people, is what you call undying loyalty and friendship! Cowardly snitches, you should hope and pray that you could someday be like Al!