Milani Rose has been feeling self-conscious lately. It's not that 2008's Web Girl of the Year isn't used to all eyes on her—the New York native has a Web site that encourages just that ( But since narrowly beating out Jesikah Maximus by a mere seven votes, the 26-year-old has been thrown into the spotlight Sarah Palin–style, appearing in music videos (Day 26's "Since You've Been Gone”), on an album cover (Soca Gold 2008, VP Records) and even touring with KING from city to city to celebrate her victory.

So why is the Dominican-and-black sexpot so inse-cuurr? "Lately, I've tried to soften up my image, but it's easier for me to be me,” says the woman whose bodily dimensions (4-foot-9, 36D-27-42) make such an attempt sound ridiculous. "Seriously, sometimes I really think of ways to sex it down.” Here's hoping our cyber queen has a hard time pulling this off. There's no recession in being sexy.

This year's Web Girl competition was tighter than Marge Simpson's beehive. Yet you still feel like the underdog after winning. Why?
Because I know that the other two girls have a greater fan base than me. Miss Faren has a site that's been up longer than mine, and Jesikah Maximus has Jamster commercials on top of her Internet exposure. Honestly, I felt I had the least chance of winning. So I'm extremely grateful to the fans who thought I was good enough to win. I hope this opens more doors for me.

Well, you have made a wet cameo in Day 26's video and shot an album cover since the contest. That's progress.
When people found out about my win, they'd make comments that I made it. But I don't look at winning Web Girl of the Year as making it. I have a long way ahead of me. This is only the beginning.

How insulting!
Making it, to me, is when my money meets my fame. They say you become popular faster than the money that comes. A lot of people who are popular just don't have it like that—a lot of times they're fronting. I don't want to be fronting, driving a hooptie when everyone knows who I am. The day when I have no worries in the world—and I can put my kids through college without stressing financial aid—that's when I know I made it.

How has the public been treating you?
The dudes are giving me a lot of love on a respect level. They just want to take pictures and have my autograph. The chicks, however, don't want my autograph; they want to take me home. But the dudes come to me already thinking I'm unattainable. I never thought of myself as intimidating, but people automatically think I date celebs or people with a lot of money.

Do you?
I'll date a dude who rides a bicycle with a dollar in his pocket.

Lying to make yourself seem attainable is only reserved for blond-haired playmates. Stop the madness.
[Laughs] I've actually done it. I'll hold a dude down if I have to, as long as he's trying to better himself and has a job. If you're hungry, I'm feeding you. I'm a very good girlfriend. When I do meet a guy who wants to spoil me, though, I'll let him spoil me, because I'm normally the one doing the spoiling. That's honest.

How do you spoil a man?
I'm very nurturing and I'll cater to you. I'll give the massages when needed, run bubble baths—hell, I'll even buy a man a rose. You see girls taking their men to get their hair and nails done? I'll do the same for my man. If he's going to be touching me in private places, I don't need to be stabbed with claws.—Sean A. Malcolm


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