Sit back, relax and enjoy the sight of one of Taz's hottest Angels, Anabella Carrasco, in motion.

Feast your eyes on Anabella Carrasco, a model who is part of Taz's stable of gorgeous women. She's a young beauty from the Dominican Republic but reps the Magic City, otherwise known as Miami. She may be petite, don't let her size and youth fool you into thinking that her skills as a model aren't up to snuff. She rocks measurements of 33A-27-39 and knows how to use what her mama gave her. She's confident in her abilities and is very proud of her curves, claiming that she's very proud of her assets.

Check out the short gallery below and then become a fan of hers by following her on social media outlets like Instagram and Twitter. We're certain you'll be hypnotized by the way she moves and what she can do with her natural curves.